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Pedo Boy



Related article: Date : Fri, 2 February 20, 2001 53rd 50 -0500 From: Talbert Hephaetus u003cheptal hotmail. com u003e Subject: Ben Rate : 1 Ben rate n : 1 ******************** ** Chapter 1 Ben was not your average run of the mill type. I mean, yes, he was s hot as hell, I had an erection, I think of him fully clothed. He was in all my fantasies, of course, they were just fantasies : I 'D known I was gay for five years and never had the opportunity to have to do with a man. He was above all what I thought about how all time. It occupied my thoughts, my dreams, and it was everything I thought about it, while I, like you say, " erasing ". It's not like I not talk to him, were very good friends, that is, hanging in school but never spent any time together. It was my first Party (yes, that his first game at the age of 16 years is pretty pathetic, but my parents are strict as hell) and I had invited him again. Everyone was in the hot tub for a while, as both came out, I daThe heat started to get me, and perhaps for the reason it, but right now I'm not sure. I was drying and it was that standing a few feet from me. I (like a small closet case hidden ) dry my hair used as an opportunity to PEEK. I could not see my face when I was a looked so intently at his crotch trying to see through the gray boxers that was on. Of course, although I think I'm perfect, I can has x -ray vision. Anyway, be in the long view, I have appreciated Pedo Files , the pressure for a period of Pedo Files four years. No disappointment, , which could grow to a 6 and half I thought, who knows. So we went inside to talk with Krystle, who had been sitting there by itself play with my cat during the time we were in the jacuzzi, I think they just do not want " to enter, they were only in and sat down. I I decided to go to the bathroom, and while I was there, I listen to talk, I thought I heard my name a couple of times, but I did not know no. Krystle was my best friend, who couldn't tell someone my secret that could ? I have my suspicions of ending "was only to talk about the party. " Chapter 2 was about two weeks after the party, Ben and I were in lunch, as always, with our clique of friends of the general sum conversation enough for someone so busy, but I had chosen that day especially to sit next to Ben, I did not Pedo Files talk much, had much in my opinion. I smoked my cigar in peace, no one questioned above all. It was Friday, and knowing that this would be another boring weekend, which did nothing and remained at home, n, n I was deep in thought. It was then that happened, he turned to me and Ben with his usual smile, he said, " Hi Mike, what do you do this weekend," " Nothing," he said solemnly " as usual. " " Why do not you come to my house to rest, we have, and whether to keep in your home longer, you can spend the night, "said : alert and I saw " Sure, let me borrow your phone E need to tell about my parents, " Can you imagine my excitement, I wanted to sleep the house Ben ! can not ask for more power. The rest of the day driven by very slowly, so slowly, I thought it would never end. Finally, the third 742 hors after the bell rang at last. I : all day about what that meant, meant that he wanted get with me? no, it was not possible, so I knew that Ben was right. or that means that only helps to try to get me out of my house. in any way, I have not care, I wanted at all, more than expected, but I see her masculinity, ie, making 16 - year-old children when they are together to This is really stupid chapter 3 So Ben and I almost everything?. days were spent together was n 12h00m soon, and we were on the ground floor, right in front of the TV. \\ \\ n " Hello Mike," he said, " you want to go and maybe you can give me head? " I laughed out loud and called him a pig to know that he was always playing like the cute little pervert. Is already playing with and came up with it just for the fun of it. We were in that was put in his room on his bed, and he was lying on a black leather sofa. " So Mike, how about Blow " We were talking about something stupid when he said : Once again, I played along and said, ", but his parents listen to Ben , which are right next door, is not that " " NO DUMBASS "he said, " do not have the room on the third floor , and it did not matter even when they know I 'm gay " n " you are what ? " I said, surprised " I'm gay, do not? This is odd, n like everyone else, Krystle I said you were gay, so I thought... " he stopped " absolute Ben was" everything I said, chapter 4 that left his bed and sat opposite him on the couch. I I got up to kiss him that's what I felt was probably the right thing at the moment. Our lips met for a long and passionate kiss. When we parted, he rose to take his shirt off. After leaving his shirt,I took her in his strong arms, and the the first of many times that I hoped I warm her against him, I could feel the beating of his heart. I felt very safe and very comfortable. Even in his arms, sad for me n "Mike, this is your first time? " " Yes, he said. " "Are you sure that you go through with him? " called ? " Yes " I said. As I said, left his body and arms when I was in my knee again, slowly slid his pants down his legs and Adidas unveiled his boxers. There were tents underwear and the lump was huge, as I slowly pulled his pants down - I thought how good it felt, at the end to be with him. I finally had something I had wanted for some time time, even once, to be with Ben, Pedo Files though I was excited more than , which was, he just wanted a man for a long time now, and now that I was never relaxed. Ben had already sat down and was totally naked as I sat there in the front of him, felt the smell of your man - the flesh, nowOozing pre -cum. I looked at him, looked around one last look, I loved the way her brown s eyes Pedo Files and brown hair on the face, really did. " Just take it easy," he said, " It is not necessary to do this," " I," whispered " You do not have to swallow, do not I have my first "" I will, " said I decided to become more n and so I moved, I put my mouth on the tip of his only the tail and began to turn around my tongue around it while slowly caresses rest of his seven and Pedo Files a half inch long pieces. He started to rub my shoulders slowly and quietly. I was in heaven. That was certainly a major -I decided that I sucked his cock one of the guys I n I had never met, and gave me a back rub to add it. I was turning and stroking for several minutes to get thought it might be boring, I changed it to a total length suck, go to page every so often. He complained much of now, I thought I heard him say one day faster, so did he W fast. As I sucked, my hands are free to explore your body, I plays with his shame, I massaged her nipples, and I stroked his plan. After a few minutes for it, I felt tense and then felt his Close your hands around my head and took his penis in my mouth, as if they tell me not to swallow. I ignored him and put my mouth over the head of his s as the first splash away. I gagged a lot, I felt like I wanted to pitch for the first few seconds later. But after the first shots, I had become accustomed, even started to enjoy it. I started sucking right through orgasm and stopped only after that was ready. Last I looked to see him before he realized that is finnished. Pedo Files It looked so perfect and enthusiastic, relaxed head was against the head rest on the couch and closed his Pedo Files eyes, he was perfect for , I thought. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a that big, beautiful smile. " Well, what were you thinking? " He said he " Fuckinbrilliant, " said ******************************* more come in the future ******************************* I'll try to post another as short as possible, but I can do there are no guarantees, if you have any comments please email me at mmil heptal hotmail com.
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